Arab American Engineer Company

we provide our long experience in the united states , egypt and kuwait at challenging costs, we consider ourselves capable of producing the best quality design and construction for the lowest cost comparing to thetop international specialized companies . we combine between the experience and the most updated technology equipement Our experience in working with the most professional companies and consulting offices in usa and kuwait keep us updated with tomorrow’s technology we have experience in civil \environmental \ geotechnical engineering  

About Aramenco :

we master the most updated technology so we do not need any external help if you need supportor consulting for special environmental or civil problems we can provide professoinal services through our team of experts from inside kuwait or at usa we guarntee the best financial offer for this type of services so do not hesitale in trying us for better quality of services and save your money, please call anytime for any questions or explanations and we will be very glad to receive your call

Our Approach :

There are distinct professional staff working in our company. Our staff is chosen with minimum experience of twenty years and PhD from American Universities to combine academic and practical experience. This experience is supported of some of the best energetic young staff eager to support with best technical quality. Every our worker is, undoubtedly, a remarkable one.
We work for you! The key of current organization was Prof.Dr.Eng. Morad M.Ed-Dash .
Dr. Morad was working as head of the company since 1990 in the middle east . He has supervised all project activities listed in our work history in the middle east. List of experience is avaliable upon request

Our Mission:

Today’s problems may demand tomorrow’s solutions. By looking at your problem from multiple perspec ves, a cost-effective , meny solution can be found .We have the combination of extensive past experience can most updated technology. Our solutions is based on a complete survey of our past experience in most varieties of soils and environments . Our reports, drawings, problem solutions are all supported with the most recent sophisticated computer aided design facilities available in our office. Whether your project is a building, a pipeline, a tank or a parking lot, an apparently inexpensive solution to a design problem may prove more costly than one arising from detailed consideration of the total construction process. The inexpensive approach may delay your project’s completion, increase costs and lead to expensive lawsuits. You need specialists for your projects. often those specialists will be drawn from several disciplines : an environmental specialists to prepare studies and solutoons. Instrumentation specialists to help with construction monitoring, a construction management expert of a geologist. We can provide all these services, you will have an expert in all of those areas. We have designed, supervised and constructed hundreds of projects in civil/ geotechnical / environmental engineering, and under most surface and subsurface conditions.

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