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Project: Storm water drainage System

Owner: MPW

Main contractor: Afcons

Year: 2018

Project: 72 inch Sea water lines

Main Contractor: Naser M. Al-Baddah & Partner General Trading Construction Company

Year: 2017-2018

PROJECT : Building of the General Administration for Security of Establishments

Main Contractor: Naser M. Al-Baddah & Partner General Trading Construction Company . 

Year: 2017-2018

Project: Offsite construction work PKG 1 .

Main contractor: Nusaiba for general building contracting

year: 2018

Project: Construction of Brine Pumping Facility at sulibiya waste water

Owner: Kuwait Oil Company ( KOC) Main Contractor: Kharafi National.

 Main Consultant: Scott Wilson Engineering Consultants. 

Location: Sulibiya. 

Year: 2016/2017

Project: Construction of 6.5 Ring Road

Owner: Ministry of Public Works (MEW) 

Main Contractor: Metallurgical Corporation of china Company. 

Main Consultant: Dar Alhandasa Engineering Consultants. 

Location: Jleb AlShyukh. 

Year: 2017/2018

Project: Extension of the Electricity and Water Training Institute in Shuwaikh

Owner: General Authority For Applied Education And Training 

Main contractor: MSC ( Msaaed salem Al-abd Al-gader And Associates for General Trading and Contracting )

 Year: 2017/2018

Project: Small Boat Harbours

Owner: Kuwait Oil Company ( koc) 

Main Contractor: Stfa Insaat Co. 

Consultant: sshi

Year: 2014-2019

Project: pile Integrity Test

Owner: Sepcoiii electric power construction branch . 

Year: 2017/2018

Project:Administration building of the capital

Owner: Menistry Of Interior 

Main contractor: Berthin for General Trading and Contracting

 Consultant: AL-Sour office for consultant engineering 

Year: 2017/2018

Project10 Project: AOC Basin Building & Several Tanks at New Refinery Project.

Owner: Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) 

Main Contractor: fdh jv . 

Contractor: Ahmadiah General Trading & Contracting Co. 

Consultant: Flour.

 Year: 2017/2018

Project: TG5 Project inside MAA/shauiba

Main contractor: Al – Musairie
Year: 2017

Project: Khiran Mall

Owner: Special investment . 

Main Contractor: United Emirates for General Trading & Contracting Co. 

Consultant: Soor Engineering Consultants . 

Location: Khiran. 

Year: 2017

Project: Juvenile care centers

Owner: Ministry Of Public Works. 

Main contractor: Bokhamsen International Contracting Company . 

Year: 2017/2018

Project: Subiya Power Plant

Owner: Ministry Of Electricity And Water ( MEW ) 

Main Contractor: AlGhanim International Co.

 Year: 2013/2014

Project: Sabah Al-ahmad sea city

Owner: La’ala Al Kuwait Real Estate Co. 

Main contractor: Alghanim International General Trading & contracting Co. 

Year: 2017/2018

Project: Construction of 40" HP gas pipeline.

Owner: Kuwiat Oil Company (KOC ) 

Main Contractor: AlKhadda International general trading and contracting Co. 

Location: Shauiba Port. 

Year: 2016

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