GeoTechnical Service

soil investigation

we carry out all types of soil investigation onshore and offshore but our distinction in offshore work that we can carry soil investigation in most severe conditions and use any type of barges with soil investigation we provide calibration for SPT hammer and correct all results of work performed by any non-calibrated drilling rigs we use strain gauges and accelerometer attached to our split spoon to determine stress-strain dynamic properties of soil with SPT for precise measurement of soil properties

laboratory tests

our speciality is our mobile laboratory where we can move to any project to perform test with our calibrated equipmenty under supervision of client , consultant and contractor for immediate results for approval . to assure quality of testing under supervision of all parties laboratory services index properties compaction , consolidation and strength testing hydraulic conductivity and permeability test , cyclic testing and special parameters rock testing 

Shoring (Soldier Piles)

Shoring systems are used to support the sides of temporary excavations in various construction applications. The vertical face of the cut is held open by the retaining structure until a permanent structure can be installed. The permanent structure may include the basement of a building, walls of a parking garage, or underground facilities. The braced structure restricts the inward movement of the surrounding soil preventing settlement, collapse of the excavation, and possible bearing capacity failure of nearby structures.
Soldier pile and lagging uses steel I-piles driven into the ground prior to the actual excavation. 


Dewatering by surface trenches , well point systems , multistage well point system ,deep well system . deep well system up to 150m with diameters up to 60 cm is designed and constructed by our equipment

quality control

A new type of service for contractors and cosultants, just give acall and our fully quipped certified mobile laboratory will be at site . perform the test and give you the final report in few minutes stamped and approved by the project supervisor and the contractor . you do not have to delay your work any more for quality control problem . we can solve your problem in afew minutes. whether you need a compaction quality control or slump test or to crush some cubes at site. we can give you the results immediately in place . this express service is just apart of our full line of services in quality control in construction.
Also we can provide various piles quality control tests such as : Pile Integrity Tets(PIT) , Pile Dynamic Analysis(PDA) , Ultrasonic test , and Compression,tension,&lateral tests 


injection activities is one of our specialities to overcome the rise in steel in shoring business Now we can replace both shoring and dewatering with grout injection to cut the cost of both shoring and dewatering when both activities are required  We used grouting injection technique to improve soil characteristics in various projects in Kuwait