Survey Service

topographic survey

bathymetric survey

utility survey

our survey division is providing full line of services in surveying and preparation of professional drawings. we provide services in fields of acquisition ,processing , interpretation , storage , retrieval and maintenance of data services range from conventional land surveying to complex digital mapping projects
our land survey services
geographic information systems
data conversion
bathymetric survey

where other stops we go?

survey of soft clay and swamp area requires combination of geotechnical and survey experience to recognize difference between soil and liquid and weathering conditions at areas like bubyan island we are the sole specialist in kuwait Where quality is required and not quantity

total station
precise leveling
GPS Single frequency
GPS Double Frequency

we can provide bathymetric survey using :

– Single beam sonar dual frequency
– Multibeam Sonar
– Subbottom Profiler
– Side Scan Sonar
using both ACD and KLD systems or connecting to any other system. utility survey is normally performed using combination of metal detection and excavation
we perform seismic and radar survey to detect any obstructions under ground for better utility survey
We perform electric resistivity survey to provide 1D,2D,and 3D underground soil Image onshore and offshore