What do we offer?

We pride ourselves on our team of experts and experienced engineers who work with dedication to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you are looking for a solution for a small project or a large project, you can count on Aramenco to deliver the highest quality and efficiency.

At Aramenco we offer a variety of specialized engineering and consulting services to ensure the success of your projects. Here's an overview of our services:

Shoring support services:

we offer a complete engineering solution to support and strengthen areas prone to collapse or slipping during construction and drilling operations. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure the safety of the project and its surroundings.

Water withdrawal services (Dewatering):

we remove water from areas that are flooded during construction and excavation operations. We use efficient and advanced systems to control the water level and ensure the sustainability of operations.

Pilingser vices (Piling):

we offer concrete and steel piling installation services as an essential part of the foundation of buildings and structures. We are keen to carry out piling operations strictly in accordance with engineering specifications and standards.

Project management services (management):

we provide integrated project management services that include supervision, planning and coordination. We ensure the successful implementation of projects according to the specified specifications and schedules.

About Us

Aramenco consulting and support service

We offer our professional services in water drainage, towing and basic constructions. Our company works as a team in cooperation with the owner, consultant and contractor when executing the contract. Therefore, we are working to provide a full-fledged professional engineering system service for various stages of the construction process. If there is any problem at work, we give advice to the contractor and report to the consultant and the owner.

Our company provides not only contracting services, but also solutions and recommendations for problems that you can rely on us with full confidence.

Customers choose us as the best company for consolidation and establishment

Our quality speaks for us in every work we do. Because we work with the best equipment and machines, in addition to using high-quality materials, we cannot lose sight of our distinguished team, which has many years of experience of successful work and diverse skills.

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